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HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd is a one stop call centre that comprises of Sales and Marketing, debt recovery and customer service. The workforce that makes the dream together is a collection of experienced and fresh workforce depending on the departments that they are respectively attending to.


HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd adheres to each individual and corporate clients by customizing its operation based on the demands and requirements that are set forth to it. HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd takes pride in its customization without neglecting the standard operating procedure that is the blueprint of the company with a mixture o both traditional and modern way of operating.


The top management of the organization comprises of heads coming from different backgrounds and has brought forth their experience and knowledge to further strengthen the organization. A vast knowledge spread out between debt recovery, sales, customer service and finance bring about the shape of what HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd stands for with the coupling of a very dynamic team of managers.



To provide the most efficient methods to meet the demands of respective clients. At the end of the day, obtaining and achieving the objectives set by the clients are the reason HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd exists.

HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd strives to be known as a Bumiputera call centre that is not only a one stop problem solving organization for clients but also creating a vast employment opportunity for Malaysians and others.



Making only agreements we are able to make and intend to keep.


Communicating any potential broken agreements to all parties at the first appropriate opportunity. Operating in a responsible manner, ‘above the line..’



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