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Why choose HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd?

First and foremost, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd absorbs all the marketing cost such as system development, manpower, data management and bills. In doing so, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd always strive to make it cost efficient and ensuring higher success rate to the clientele in terms of both engagement rate and profit making. With over 5 years of experience in the respective fields, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd not only offers a secured and stable system but also physical weight into the execution of the accounts.

Besides that, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd also operates for both B2B and B2C. We can customize specifically to what is requested and adapt to the changes that has to be made by developing a specific team for every task at hand. Every account received will be distributed in a specific set of grouping ensuring 100% focus on that very account, leaving little opportunity cost in terms of contact rate as well as engagement rate.

Furthermore, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd offers 2 different payment modes. Depending on the request of the clientele, HNZ Centre Sdn Bhd is flexible in customizing the payments via fixed based fee (Promotional & awareness of products) and commission-based fee (Sales product). In doing so, we allow our clientele to have an option to which they see most beneficial to them and of course, ensuring both parties will make high returns.

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